Why You Should Call a Car Accident Lawyer In Durham, NC

Posted by Kenneth J. SteinbergFeb 26, 20210 Comments

Car accident injuries can be life-changing. Even if you are not seriously injured, you may require time off work or rehabilitation. In many cases, your car will require extensive repairs or is a write-off. Regardless of the type of incident, one of your first calls should always be to a car accident lawyer in Durham, NC.

Types of Car Accidents


Head-on collisions are not that common compared to other vehicle accidents. However, their fatality rate is much higher.

Rear End

Rear-end collisions occur when one car drives into the back of another and are one of the most common accidents.

Single Vehicle

Single vehicle accidents are the most common and involve only one car. They happen when a vehicle runs into another object or off the road.

Chain Reaction

When an impact from one vehicle causes a car to crash into another car, it's considered a chain reaction. Multiple injuries usually occur during these incidents.


Low on the list of injuries, but high on the list of frustration is the sideswipe. When one vehicle slides along the side of another, it creates extensive damage.


Also known as a broadside or single-angle crash, the T-bone often causes injury to occupants in both vehicles.

Protect Your Future

The repercussions of an automobile accident can last a lifetime. Call a car accident lawyer even if you don't think you were badly injured.