The Liability Claims Adjuster Is Not Your Friend

Posted by Kenneth J. SteinbergMar 31, 20220 Comments

You have been involved in an automobile collision.  Your vehicle is damaged.  Your have sustained physical injuries.  Within a short period of time, you receive a call or even a visit from the other driver's insurance company.  What does this person want?  It's very simple.  The liability claims adjuster wants you to settle your claim and sign a release of your rights of recovery very fast.  You may not even know or understand the extent of your damages yet.  You may need to see your primary care physician.  You may need a referral to see an orthopedic physican or a physical therapist.  This is not the concern of the liability claims adjuster.  The goal of the other driver's insurance company is to settle your claim as soon as possible, and for as little as possible.  Do not settle your case with the liability claims adjuster without speaking with an experienced injury attorney.  I have been protecting the rights of people in this position for over 29 years.  Call me with your questions.