Personal Injury: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

Posted by Kenneth J. SteinbergAug 03, 20200 Comments

Personal Injury Lawyer in Durham

When you're hurt, it isn't easy to wade through a swamp of legal terms and processes. Knowing the basics before you contact a personal injury lawyer in Raleigh, however, can help you make smart choices about your case. That's why we've put together a basic guide to three core concepts you'll need to prove in court to pursue a claim against a responsible party successfully.

Obligation — First and foremost, you need to establish that the person responsible for your injury was, well, responsible. Proving that someone had an obligation to act one way (such as driving safely), but chose to act another is crucial to making your claim against a specific party. It's what separates a personal injury case from an unfortunate and unpreventable accident.

Injury — It might seem obvious, but your personal injury lawyer will need to make a good case that you were actually hurt. This is why seeing a doctor is so important. The more documentation you get of your injuries, the easier it is to seek compensation.

Damages — Finally, you need to seek a particular sum in damages. These can include medical bills, recovery costs, lost income, and pain suffered. Your legal team can help you work out the amount, but in most cases, you'll need to prove that the injury you suffered incurred the damages you want the court to award.