Five Common Types of Business Litigation

Posted by Kenneth J. SteinbergNov 26, 20200 Comments

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When your business becomes involved in corporate litigation in Durham, NC, you'll need a business litigation lawyer who can provide you with sound legal advice and aggressive advocacy. This is because there are many complex legal situations that arise from business operations. Here are five of the most common types of business litigation suits that land businesses and corporations in court:

Intellectual Property Disputes

Your intellectual property (IP) belongs to you, and you can make a claim to stop someone from infringing on your copyrights, disclosing trade secrets, and enforce trademarks and patents. You can enter into corporate litigation to seek damages when your IP rights are violated.

Breach of Contract Cases

When you enter into a legally binding agreement, both parties are bound by the terms of the contract.  If a breach occurs, the damaged party can use corporate litigation to seek compensation for losses.

Employment disputes

If an employee violates an employment contract such as non-disclosure agreements, you can file a claim against them. Your business can also be sued for things like wrongful termination, harassment, or discrimination.

Partnership Disputes or Shareholder Litigation

If business partners cannot agree or if shareholders take issue with the way a company is being run, this can result in corporate litigation.

Product Liability Cases or Personal Injury Claims

If your business makes a product and it causes harm to someone, you could be sued. If someone visits the company's worksite and is injured, this could also lead to a lawsuit.