Do You Need an Accident Attorney for a Minor Car Accident?

Posted by Kenneth J. SteinbergMay 27, 20210 Comments

Two cars in an accident

Do you know at what point you should switch from handling an accident claim yourself to retaining the services of a traffic lawyer in Raleigh, NC? In a minor car accident, it's up to you to decide whether getting a traffic lawyer is worth whatever money you may receive. Take advantage of any free consultations so you know ahead of time how much compensation you may be eligible to receive if you hire them.

Many law firms suggest that cases that frequently benefit from having a traffic lawyer include ones where:

  • Your Medical Bills Exceed $5,000
  • An Ambulance Transports You from the Scene to the Hospital
  • Your Injuries Are Getting Worse
  • You Do Not Have Medical Insurance
  • Your Vehicle is Totaled
  • Vehicle Repairs Exceed $5,000

How Accident Attorney Fee Structures Work

Many law firms define a minor accident as one that involves under $1500 in damage to your vehicle. They also often consider cases with less than $3000 in medical bills to be minor accidents.

At these levels, it is often not financially worth it to hire a traffic lawyer. The fees might even be more than the compensation, leaving you with less than if you addressed the claim on your own. Hiring a traffic lawyer to work with the insurance adjuster often runs between 20% and 40% of the total settlement, and this percentage depends on whether or not they need to take the case to court.