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About our Personal Injury Lawyer in Durham, NC

When you are experiencing any legal issue, you need to know that the attorney by your side is ready, willing, and able to do what it takes to make sure your voice is heard in a court of law. Ken Steinberg, a personal injury lawyer in Raleigh, NC, is ready to do just that for you.Portrait of Kenneth J. Steinberg

Since 1993, Mr. Steinberg has been advocating for clients dealing with the frustrating mire of legal issues that can come from someone else’s mistakes. Whether he is helping you deal with insurance companies, medical providers, worker’s compensation claims, criminal and traffic matters, or the legal system in general, Mr. Steinberg is dedicated to the pursuit of justice.

Fighting for Your Rights

Whether he is assisting you with anything from a car accident case or building a criminal defense for court, Mr. Steinberg uses his legal skills and experience to defend your rights. He fights for justice for people involved in personal injury and wrongful death cases and stands up and protects the rights and freedom of those accused of criminal charges. He also helps people provide for their family members’ well-being by assisting in the drafting of wills and other estate documents.

Depend on Ken Steinberg to deliver the right solution for you when you are in need of an attorney. Contact our firm today for a free initial consultation. We are located in Durham, and our firm is proud to serve clients located throughout the Triangle as well as across North Carolina.